Congratulations to the winners of I2P Global!

On November 15-17th the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) organized the tenth Idea to Product (I2P®) Global Competition. Entrants from 5 different continents, in 17 different teams, came to Sweden to compete for $17 500, the total up for grabs in each track ICT, Life Science and Energy.

The winner in the ICT track was Lynx Laboratories from University of Texas with their system that combines multiple images obtained from a single moving camera to produce 3D models of arbitrary environments. In the Life Science division the winner was Solvano from RWTH Aachen University with their environmentally friendly microemulsion that will be a replacement for solvents in chemical cleaning and the price in the Energy track went to Aerosol Capture Technologies from Washington University in St. Louis for their low-energy Soft X-Ray Corona (SXC) system, which is capable of charging aerosols. Press the links to read more about the ICT-Winners Energy-Winners Life Science-Winners

To know more about the contestants go to Resources-Competing-schools where you can read short presentations of the 17 teams competed at KTH.

All the presentations on both Friday and Saturday was broadcasted live via Bambuser. Please use the links below to access the content:

Life Science

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